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Charitable Organization Registration No. 052 0544 2225

We gratefully acknowledge our many sponsors and donors. 

Your support enables us to continue to train young musicians and

bring music to our communities. 

On-Going Financial Support

Alberta Foundation for the Arts

Alberta Registered Music Teachers' Association 

Diana Bacon

Edmonton Arts Council

University of Alberta

Edmonton Community Foundation

Harry Farmer Memorial Fund

Kathleen Farmer Memorial Fund

Della Roland Memorial Fund

Francis & Muriel Dunnigan Fund

Symphony Women's Educational Fund

Diana Bacon Scholarship Fund

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Benefactors & Patrons

Daniel Aalto

Mohb. Abdul Bari

Jill Beavan

Norbert Boehm

Bob & Sheryl Bowhay

Predrag Bozic

Denis Bulesic

Andy Burgess

Jae-young Cho

Richard Cook

Francis Davoine

Justin Dawe

Johanna Dietrich

Francis and Muriel Dunnigan

Jeanet Eng

Curtis Englot

Curtis Giesbrecht

Michael Haydo

Matthew Howatt

Rob Hryciw

Ping Hu

Stella Huang

Young Hwa Kim

Henryk Klimaszewski

Tae Jung Kwon

Javier Arturo Wu Lau

Teresa Lank

Cherie Larson

Ann Lee

Eileen Lee

Soonju Lee

Carol Lundin

Na Liu

Svetlana Meldianova

James & Maureen Merkosky

Teresa Mio

D E Morrison

Brenda P Oberg

Charlotte Palmer

John Park

Bethsaida Pecson

Kieran Pilson

Paul Polushin

Ken Regan

Setareh Rezazadeh

Marcia Rojas

Dave Rumbold

Minseok Seo

Sara Sierko

Rodrigo Siloto

Mark Sparrow

Ted Spyracopoulos

Andrea Steem

Stephanie Suchy

David Turnbull

Alex Valle

Kathleen Warke

Ian Wachowicz

Glen Wilcox

Yeuk Fong Wu

Penglin Yang

Yan Zhang

Xiang Rong Zhu

Donors & Supporters

Chelsea Kwon

Victoria Clarke

Genevieve Dunnigan

Georges P. Vanier Bands

Aaron Johnston

Jacobus Kloppers

Patricia Mandrusiak

Juliana Nash

Janice Stantoz

Renee Thompson

Shanda Duggleby Wenzel

Timothy Wong

Donations of any size are greatly appreciated and can be made through the above link or via cheque or e-transfer to the Edmonton Youth Orchestra.

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